• Fillers:
    Calcium carbonate: Omyacarb, Omyafilm, Omyafiber, special grades of calcium carbonate
    Talc: Finntalc®, Plustalc®, Microtalc® (Mondo Minerals)
    Kaolin: Dorkafill® H (Dorfner)
    Dolomite: Microdol
    Titanium dioxide

  • Pigments:
    Colouring agents  
    Pigments carbon black 
    Zinc sulfide, barium sulfate: Red Seal®, Golden Seal®, Platinum Seal® (VB Techno Chemicals)

  • Additives:
    Antiblocking and anti-caking agents: Sipernat®, Aerosil® (Evonik Industries AG)
    Thixotropic and matting agents: Aerosil®, Acematt® (Evonik Industries AG)
    Bactericide agent: Ionpure® (Ishizuka)
    Flame retardant (alumina trihydrate -based): Alfrimal® (AlphaCalcit)
    Phosphorated and brominated flame retardant (BFR)
    Flame retardant (flowers of antimony-based): GM® (Gredmann)
    Fischer-Tropsch-Waxes: Vestowax® (Evonik Industries AG)
    Slip aids, lubricants, heat stabilisers (Belike Chemicals)
    Antioxygens, UV stabilizers: Sunox®, Sunovin® (Sunshow)
    Destaticizer, antifog, dispersing agents: Sabo®stat, Sabo®fog, Sabo®disp (SABO)
    Processing additives Additives for physical and mechanical properties developments: amorphous poly-alpha-olefin

  • Adhesive material:
    Thermoplastic: Vestoplast®, Dynapol S® (Evonik Industries AG)

  • Heat seal binder:
    For flexible packaging applications: Degalan® (Evonik Industries AG)

  • Curing agents:
    For PU systems: Vestanat® (Evonik Industries AG)
    For epoxy resin systems: Vestamin® (Evonik Industries AG)

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Vladimir Ryzhov

Sales manager