Products for the bulding materials production for the construction industry. 

  • Fillers for dry building mixtures and mortars (Omya, Russia)
    Eskal® 95 RUC –  mean particle size 16,5 μm
    Eskal® 115 RUC – mean particle size 18,0 μm
    Eskal® 200 RUC – mean particle size 26,0 μm

  • Marble beads (Omya, Russia)
    Carolith® 0.2-0.5-PL – fraction 0,2-0,5 mm
    Carolith® 0.5-1.0-PL – fraction 0,5-1,0 mm
    Carolith® 1.0-1.5-PL – fraction 1,0-1,5 mm
    Carolith® 1.5-2.0-PL – fraction 1,5-2,0 mm
    Carolith® 2.0-3.0-PL – fraction 2,0-3,0 mm

  • Rheological and thickeners for dry building mixtures, mortars and end items(paste fillers and bonding plasters, etc) (Tolsa Group, Spain)
    Cimsil®, Pangel®
    Morphology: bentonite, sepiolite, attapulgite

  • Rheologicac additives for end items (Coatex, France)
    Polyacrylic dispersants: Ecodis™, Coadis™
    Acrylic ASE и HASE thickening agents: Viscoatex™, Thixol™, Rheotech™

  • Pozzolanic materials (Burgess Pigments, USA)
    Burgess® Optipozz®
    Morphology: high reactivity metakaolin 

  • Anti-foaming agents (Schill & Seilacher, Germany) 
    Struktol®: liquid and powder form

  • Cellulosic fiber (Celotech, China)
    Colour: grey, white
    Fiber length (μm): 200, 300, 500, 800, 1000

  • Pigments for building materials (Сlariant, Switzerland)
    Сolanyl, Hostaperm

  • Calcium formate

  • Fumed silica (Evonik, Germany)
    Aerosil®, Sipernat®


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Yury Kalinichev

Sales manager