Omya Algol Rus is your reliable business partner in the supply chain of raw materials and technological solutions for the polymer industry. Due to reliable direct communication with suppliers and our long-term experience, as well as a wide product range available in our warehouses regularly, we will help you reduce production costs and save time to solve your production tasks, while ensuring the highest quality of products.

Own production:

Omya Omyacarb® is a series of natural calcium carbonate-based products (ground, treatment surface, slurry)

Betocarb® selected grounded calcium carbonate for grouts, mortars and concretes.

Eskal® is a powder of natural marble designed as filler for dry mixtures.

Carolith® is a series of marble beads dedicated for the decorative coatings, plasters and renders.

Other brands:

Tolsa Rheological additives Cimsil, Pangel
Clariant Pigments Colanyl, Hostaperm
Schill Anti-foaming agents
Coatex Plasticizers and rheological additives
EmslandGroup Starch ether Emset
Algol Bitumastic material
Burgess Pozzolanic addition