• Fillers:      
    Calcium carbonate: Omyacarb®
    Talc Finntalc®, Micronized Baryte®(nature baryte), Bianco Fisso®(synthesized baryte) 
    Dolomite: Microdol®

  • Binders:
    Vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE), styrene acrylic, pure acrylicemulsions Vinamul®

  • Curing agents:
    Amines VESTAMIN®, isocyanates VESTANAT®
    Amine-based curing agents: ANCAMINE®, ANCAMIDE®

  • Pigments:
    Colouring agents Hostaperm®, Novoperm®, Permanent®, Hansa®
    Pigments carbon black PRINTEX®, SPECIAL BLACK®
    Calcined kaolin Burgess Optiwhite®

  • Additives:
    Rheological additives Pangel® S, Pangel® W (for water-based systems)
    Rheological additives Pangel® B, OM, OMD (for solvent-based systems)
    UV absorbers for light stabilization Hostavin®
    Dispersing agents Ecodis®
    Acrylic thickeners Rheotech®, Viscoatex®,polyurethane thickeners Coapur®
  • Осажденный мел Hakuenka®, Viscoexcel®

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Igor Gerasimchuk

Sales manager