Omya Algol Rus provides a vast assortment of high-grade raw materials for coatings for decorative paints, industrial coatings, road marking paints, powder coatings, as well as for the production of pigment pastes and resins.

Also you can find pigments, solvents, resins, and additives such as special silica, matting agents, silanes, carbon black, thickeners, curing agents, coalescents, driers, and biocides.

Including antioxidants, wetting agents, rheology modifiers, various resins and rosin for the adhesives production.


Own production

Omya Omyacarb® is a series of natural calcium carbonate-based products (ground, treatment surface, slurry)

Microdol® Grounded dolomite

Micro Mica® fine mica powder, high purity

Carolith® marble beads

Hakuenka® is a precipitated calcium carbonate coated with fatty acids in order to improve the dispersion in organic binders.

Viscoexcel® 30-SG is developed and designed as a calcium type rheological modifier

Other brands:

Mondo Fillers
VB Techno Fillers
3М Glass Bubbles
Burgess Fillers
Celanese Binders
Thomas Swan Binders and curing agents
Galstaff Binders and curing agents
Ineos Binders
Orion Pigments carbon black
Clariant Colouring agents
Tolsa Rheological additives
Evonik Rheological additives, matting agents and specialty silica
Coatex Rheological additives
Venator Driers