The problem of soil acidity in Russia

A healthy, fertile soil is fundamental to successful crop production. There are about 25.5 million people in Russia. ha of arable land is characterized by low acidity, with  pH from 4.5 up to  5.5. At pH < 6, the yield of the main crops is reduced to 30%, the efficiency of applying nitrogen fertilizers falls by 15 - 60%, phosphorous – 18 - 70%, potash- 20 - 60%, depending on the initial acidity.

Today's producers are under increasing pressure to produce more food from less land to feed the planet's growing population. This can only be achieved by increasing yields, increasing commercial yields and improving the quality of crop production. Working with our partners around the world, we are well aware of the barriers to increasing productivity, especially such as soil acidification and nutrient imbalances in crops. Our products help fight these problems throughout the entire crop production cycle.


Omya's suggestion for agriculture

pH is the main variable for achieving soil health and should be adjusted to an optimal level of 6.0 to 6.8 using regular soil conditioning. With an optimal pH value, agricultural producers can maximize both the availability of nutrients in the soil and the effective use of fertilizers.

Omya line of soil conditioners offers a quick solution to the problem of acidity, improving the quality of the soil during the first growing season after application. We process clean, high-quality raw materials into ultra-fine powder to produce high-performance products in the form of pellets.


How do our products Calciprill-110 LF and Magprill-80 LF work?

  1. Double action: improving the quality and structure of the soil and feeding plants with calcium and magnesium.
  2. Improving the physical properties of the soil: affect the soil structure and rooting of plants, increase the ability of the soil to retain water, promote the development of the root system, improve the condition of the soil in the root zone, control of soil acidity
  3. Improving the chemical properties of the soil: increase the efficiency of fertilizers, increase the cation exchange capacity of the soil, regulate the pH, create sources of calcium and magnesium for plants and animals
  4. Improve the biological properties of the soil: populations of beneficial microbes and worms increase, the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen by legumes increases, and the incidence of plant diseases decreases


Registration certificate

Calciprill-110 LF and Magprill-80 LF are registered in the "State catalog of pesticides and agrochemicals" allowed for use on the territory of the Russian Federation and are subject to subsidies in accordance with the program for liming acidic soils.

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Anastasia Borovkova

Sales manager